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  • Freeware - This impressive site offers a large roundup of free software for Windows. Here, you'll find free games, screen savers, themes, utilities, Net tools, MP3 players, online games and more. cool! ( Added: 14-Feb-1999 Hits: 40314 Rating: 8.50(8.50 out of 10) Votes: 20) Rate It Recommend It
  • - One of our favorite freeware sites, is an easy-to-navigate resource that offers many categories. Software here includes games, utilities, E-mail, programming, multimedia, business, education and much more. If you're a software author, be sure to submit your program here; it's a great way to get exposure. cool! ( Added: 2-Jan-2000 Hits: 43172 Rating: 7.88(7.88 out of 10) Votes: 42) Rate It Recommend It
  • - Tired of looking at the same old desktop? Give it a facelift with the hundreds of wonderful free desktop themes at this marvelous site. Here, you'll find hundreds of themes topics, ranging from anime to movies to music to sci-fi. ( Added: 30-Dec-1999 Hits: 12287 Rating: 8.13(8.13 out of 10) Votes: 27) Rate It Recommend It
  • Artweaver Free - This free graphics program offers a versatile painting tool with loads of pre-defined, realistic brushes. It's suitable for beginners or advanced users and it has an intuitive user interface. Artweaver Free may be used for non-commercial and academic purposes only. A commercial version of the program (Artweaver Plus) offers more features. (For Windows). ( Added: 3-Oct-2015 Hits: 279 Rating: 8(8 out of 10) Votes: 1) Rate It Recommend It
  • CAM UnZip - This is an easy-to-use .zip file utility that lets you open, create and modify .zip files quickly. CAM UnZip offers many handy extra features, including password-protected .zip file support. It also lets you view files in an archive before you extract them. (For Windows). Free for personal use, but donations are accepted. ( Added: 28-Jul-2003 Hits: 5789 Rating: 7.67(7.67 out of 10) Votes: 3) Rate It Recommend It
  • CoffeeCup free HTML editor - A powerful free program, CoffeeCup's free HTML editor is a must if you code your own Web sites. CoffeeCup is easy to use and offers loads of helpful tools that let you add Web forms, insert images, tweak text, and more. You can create HTML and CSS files from scratch or work with your existing files. (For Windows). ( Added: 1-Apr-2015 Hits: 340 Rating: 8(8 out of 10) Votes: 2) Rate It Recommend It
  • Completely Free Software - This site serves up a strong collection of freeware that is fun to browse. Each listing is reviewed and rated. Categories here include text editors, games, utilities, multimedia programs and more. ( Added: 5-May-2000 Hits: 13627 Rating: 7(7 out of 10) Votes: 8) Rate It Recommend It
  • Disk Explorer Professional - This powerful free disk management application helps you quickly organize your files. The program is user-friendly and features a Windows Explorer-like interface. (For Windows). ( Added: 1-Mar-2010 Hits: 1911 Rating: 8(8 out of 10) Votes: 2) Rate It Recommend It
  • - This popular free software site offers over 800,000 listings, with each program reviewed and rated. Around 40 percent of the programs here are freeware. Categories include audio & MP3 software, desktop enhancements, games, mobile & PDA software, multimedia, software development, utilities, Web authoring and more. ( Added: 18-Feb-2011 Hits: 4491 Rating: 7(7 out of 10) Votes: 2) Rate It Recommend It
  • GnuCash - This is a useful free financial accounting software program that lets you track bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses and more. Available for personal and small business use. (For Windows and Mac). ( Added: 25-Jan-2017 Hits: 96 Rating: 8(8 out of 10) Votes: 2) Rate It Recommend It
  • Hotspot Shield - When you use a public Wi-Fi hotspot, your personal data is at risk and can be stolen by hackers. This handy free program masks and encrypts your data when you use a public hotspot. Hotspot Shield also protects your IP address and lets you surf the Web anonymously. (For Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone). ( Added: 13-Nov-2014 Hits: 454 Rating: 8.00(8.00 out of 10) Votes: 2) Rate It Recommend It
  • ICQ - A must-have instant messaging program from Israel that ranks as one of the Web's most useful freeware programs. ICQ's features could fill a book but the most important innovation it offers is "awareness" (the ability to determine whether other people are online at a given moment). Available for Windows and Mac. ( Added: 5-Jun-1999 Hits: 7282 Rating: 7.74(7.74 out of 10) Votes: 13) Rate It Recommend It
  • Inkscape Graphics Editor - This is free, useful, vector graphics editor program that is similar to Adobe Illustrator. Inkscape is a versatile application for creating illustrations, diagrams, charts, and more.(For Windows and Mac). ( Added: 30-Dec-2016 Hits: 104 Rating: 8(8 out of 10) Votes: 1) Rate It Recommend It
  • Paint.NET - Do you need a graphics editing program, but can't afford Adobe Photoshop? The next best thing may well be Paint.NET, an excellent free image and photo editing program. Paint.NET offers an intuitive user interface, with support for layers. It features a big variety of powerful tools. (For Windows). ( Added: 4-Jan-2014 Hits: 1118 Rating: 8(8 out of 10) Votes: 1) Rate It Recommend It
  • PC Tools by Jem Berkes - Freeware and trialware for DOS and Windows. None of the software requires registration; never expires, never nags. ( Added: 14-Nov-1999 Hits: 13789 Rating: 7.55(7.55 out of 10) Votes: 9) Rate It Recommend It
  • SourceForge - A must for programmers, this major portal offers a free hosting service for open-source developers. Here, you'll find a CVS repository, mailing lists, message forums, task management software, permanent file archival and more. ( Added: 6-Jan-2000 Hits: 7618 Rating: 9.67(9.67 out of 10) Votes: 3) Rate It Recommend It
  • TED Notepad - A useful freeware text editor that offers nearly 200 text-processing functions, as well as many handy enhancements and tools. TED Notepad is lightweight, portable and fits on any USB flash disk. It loads instantly, with no installation required. (For Windows). ( Added: 26-Jul-2009 Hits: 2255 Rating: 7(7 out of 10) Votes: 3) Rate It Recommend It
  • WeatherBug - This extremely useful freeware program displays custom, up-to-date weather info on your desktop. It offers continuously updated local forecasts; local radar and InstaCam images; a storm tracker and much more. Note: weather data is available for the U.S. only. (For Windows; WeatherBug does not work with WebTV). ( Added: 15-Nov-2000 Hits: 8084 Rating: 9.68(9.68 out of 10) Votes: 13) Rate It Recommend It

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