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  • - This is the largest and most popular site devoted to the topic of freebies on the Net. offers reviews of the Web's latest "must have" freebies, including free product samples, free software and Webmaster freebies. cool! ( Added: 22-Jan-2000 Hits: 29417 Rating: 8.20(8.20 out of 10) Votes: 27) Rate It Recommend It
  • - A well-designed new freebies site that offers lots of helpful enhancements such as a search engine and a "MyFreebies" feature (that lets you create a personalized list of your favorite freebie bookmarks). ( Added: 12-Feb-2001 Hits: 9678 Rating: 7(7 out of 10) Votes: 7) Rate It Recommend It
  • Freebies-N-Freestuff - Here's a helpful guide to many of the Web's top, most essential free products and services. ( Added: 8-Aug-1999 Hits: 11072 Rating: 5.50(5.50 out of 10) Votes: 4) Rate It Recommend It
  • Freebies4MeBeez - At this new directory, you will find a good roundup of free product samples, special offers and discount deals. The site is updated every day. ( Added: 6-May-2016 Hits: 248 Rating: 9.33(9.33 out of 10) Votes: 3) Rate It Recommend It
  • - At this site, you'll find a big collection of freebies, with new offers added regularly. Categories include baby offers, beauty, fitness, food & drink, health, magazines & books, pets, sweepstakes, and more. ( Added: 21-Jun-2016 Hits: 187 Rating: 8(8 out of 10) Votes: 1) Rate It Recommend It
  • - This freebies directory offers a big selection of free samples, coupons and other free offers and bargains. Categories include beauty items, clothing, computers, family freebies, health, travel, and more. ( Added: 17-Mar-2009 Hits: 3033 Rating: 8(8 out of 10) Votes: 2) Rate It Recommend It
  • Julie's Freebies - Here is a fun, regularly updated site that posts daily reviews of various freebie offers on the Web. Here, you'll find a good selection of family freebies and coupon offers, as well as contests, sweepstakes and other special deals. ( Added: 16-Nov-2012 Hits: 1180 Rating: 6.33(6.33 out of 10) Votes: 3) Rate It Recommend It
  • Mandarin English XL - This site offers free lessons in Mandarin Chinese, a language spoken by over 1.3 billion people. Here, you'll find 25 online lessons. The courses include pinyin and Chinese characters. ( Added: 14-Sep-2008 Hits: 2503 Rating: 7.75(7.75 out of 10) Votes: 4) Rate It Recommend It
  • Nur.Gratis - (Note: this site is in German). Here's a freebies resource for our German-speaking visitors. Nur.Gratis offers a regularly updated roundup of Internet freebies. Categories include free software, games, entertainment freebies and free offers for families. ( Added: 4-Mar-2015 Hits: 361 Rating: 8(8 out of 10) Votes: 1) Rate It Recommend It
  • Only Free - This freebie resource offers a large selection of various free items, including free product samples, free services and family freebies. Offers here include mouse pads, gifts, DVDs and more. ( Added: 8-Sep-2003 Hits: 9646 Rating: 8.93(8.93 out of 10) Votes: 14) Rate It Recommend It
  • - This is a regularly updated free stuff search engine that scours the Web for freebies. Offers include samples, family freebies, food, publications, and more. ( Added: 29-Mar-2011 Hits: 1952 Rating: 8.67(8.67 out of 10) Votes: 3) Rate It Recommend It
  • - This popular site has loads of free offers and is updated daily. features a wide range of offers, including coupons, product samples, cosmetics, educational items, DVDs, games, magazines, books, pet items, clothing, toys, kid's stuff, stickers, and more. ( Added: 6-May-2016 Hits: 209 Rating: 8(8 out of 10) Votes: 1) Rate It Recommend It

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