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  • CloudEight Stationery - We've had a number of requests lately from visitors using Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, asking where they can get free custom stationery to liven up their correspondence. This is the place to go. CloudEight Stationery offers a wonderful collection of themed stationery. Each self-installing package includes beautiful scrolling backgrounds, and some include music. cool! ( Added: 28-Jan-2000 Hits: 24232 Rating: 8.75(8.75 out of 10) Votes: 36) Rate It Recommend It
  • AmpliMail - A nice free E-mail service provider, AmpliMail offers lots of handy features, including anti-spam protection, a calendar, address book, WAP mail for mobile users, and your choice of domains. Here, you get 7 megs of space and your attachments can be up to 2 megs in size. ( Added: 15-Feb-2007 Hits: 4591 Rating: 8.43(8.43 out of 10) Votes: 7) Rate It Recommend It
  • - Are you reluctant to enter your E-mail address in an online form, for fear of being spammed? This free service lets you sign up for a temporary disposable E-mail address that you can use to protect your online privacy and avoid spammers. (Note: site is available in multiple languages, including English). ( Added: 12-Jan-2007 Hits: 3778 Rating: 8.80(8.80 out of 10) Votes: 5) Rate It Recommend It
  • Email Cleaner - Do you work with email lists? This is a handy free online tool that you can use to filter and purify email lists in order to use them with an email service such as MailChimp. Using this service, you can extract emails from CSV files, detect incorrect emails and remove bounced or unsubscribed emails. ( Added: 1-Apr-2015 Hits: 373 Rating: 7(7 out of 10) Votes: 2) Rate It Recommend It
  • - This directory offers a roundup of thousands of free E-mail services across the Web. There are many E-mail categories to choose from, including anime, game characters, celebrities, professions, languages and more. There's also a handy search engine to help you find the specific service you want. ( Added: 21-Jun-2001 Hits: 11351 Rating: 8.56(8.56 out of 10) Votes: 9) Rate It Recommend It
  • Free newsletter hosting - Would you like to set up a newsletter for your site's visitors? This site offers free hosting for mailing lists. It's easy to set up: all you need to do is sign up, and then cut and paste a section of HTML to your pages (which creates a subscription form, which your visitors can use to sign up for your newsletter). (This service is offered in English, French and Dutch versions). ( Added: 4-Nov-2002 Hits: 6799 Rating: 7.00(7.00 out of 10) Votes: 3) Rate It Recommend It
  • Gmail Backup - A useful utility for Gmail users, Gmail Backup is a free, open source tool that lets you do backups of your Gmail account to a local archive with one click. (For Windows, Linux and Mac). ( Added: 10-Jan-2015 Hits: 580 Rating: 8(8 out of 10) Votes: 1) Rate It Recommend It
  • - This very useful Web-based "E-mail retrieval application" lets you easily access your E-mail from almost any POP3 or IMAP4 server. is free and requires no registration. ( Added: 28-Jul-2005 Hits: 4959 Rating: 7(7 out of 10) Votes: 2) Rate It Recommend It
  • MailWasher - This handy freeware E-mail management program lets you fight back against spammers and E-mail viruses and helps protect your privacy. MailWasher lets you check and manage your E-mails before you download them. You can also use it to bounce E-mails back to spammers, so that it looks as though your E-mail address is no longer valid. (For Windows). ( Added: 3-Oct-2005 Hits: 4792 Rating: 8(8 out of 10) Votes: 2) Rate It Recommend It
  • MSGTAG - Have you ever wondered if your E-mail recipients have read your messages yet? An easy-to-use freeware program, MSGTAG alerts you when E-mails you send are opened. MSGTAG works with most E-mail clients, including Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora and Pegasus Mail. (For Windows). ( Added: 30-Apr-2003 Hits: 6188 Rating: 8.33(8.33 out of 10) Votes: 3) Rate It Recommend It
  • - This free service offers temporary, disposable E-mail accounts that you can use to protect your privacy and also reduce the spam you receive. It's a handy service to use when you're reluctant to use your main, primary E-mail address when you're prompted to enter an E-mail address online. ( Added: 28-Jul-2005 Hits: 4930 Rating: 7(7 out of 10) Votes: 2) Rate It Recommend It
  • NowMyMail - Here's a free, easy-to-use service that lets you instantly create disposable E-mail addresses. These are useful for protecting your privacy and avoiding spammers when you're filling out online forms. The service is available in English and Spanish. ( Added: 20-Mar-2008 Hits: 2936 Rating: 8.80(8.80 out of 10) Votes: 5) Rate It Recommend It
  • - A useful free email reminder service that can help you get your overflowing inbox organized. You can write or forward any email to Nudgemail and it will be sent back to you at any time you specify. This service works with all email clients and on any device. ( Added: 3-Aug-2016 Hits: 141 Rating: 7(7 out of 10) Votes: 2) Rate It Recommend It
  • Pegasus - This feature-packed E-mail client rivals Eudora as the best free E-mail program on the Web. Among its handier features are support for multiple identities and support for multiple POP3 and IMAP servers. ( Added: 1-Jul-2001 Hits: 8003 Rating: 9.00(9.00 out of 10) Votes: 5) Rate It Recommend It
  • Remindeo - This handy free service can help organize your life. An easy-to-use service, Remindeo sends you reminders on everything from work tasks to appointments to birthdays to annual renewals and more. You can choose to be reminded several different ways, including text messages, email, and voice calls. You can also make notes and create lists. ( Added: 13-Feb-2015 Hits: 380 Rating: 8(8 out of 10) Votes: 1) Rate It Recommend It
  • - This free, easy-to-use E-mail reminder service can help you get your life organized. can help you remember birthdays, meetings, appointments, and more. ( Added: 3-Jul-2005 Hits: 4741 Rating: 7(7 out of 10) Votes: 4) Rate It Recommend It
  • Schmaili - Liven up your E-mail correspondence with this fun, freeware program that lets you easily insert an animated smiley face into your messages with a simple mouse click. (For Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express). ( Added: 2-Jan-2003 Hits: 6254 Rating: 6.75(6.75 out of 10) Votes: 4) Rate It Recommend It
  • Sounds4email - This unique site specializes in E-mail themed sounds. Here, you'll find almost 600 E-mail notification WAV sounds (in both English and Dutch). ( Added: 15-Dec-2003 Hits: 6277 Rating: 8.5(8.5 out of 10) Votes: 37) Rate It Recommend It
  • Yahoo! Mail - Yahoo! Mail, currently the Web's second most popular free Web-based E-mail service, with over 300 million users, offers a powerful package that includes such nifty features as spam filtering and password protection for outgoing E-mails. We particularly like the Norton AntiVirus feature, which automatically scans incoming E-mail attachments. ( Added: 25-Nov-2000 Hits: 8147 Rating: 8.70(8.70 out of 10) Votes: 17) Rate It Recommend It

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